CloudShare offers an easy-to-use cloud platform for creating virtual environments for development and testing, software demos and POCs, and technical training.

For Developers and QA Individuals

CloudShare ProPlus gives a single-user access to a development and testing platform in the cloud:

  • Create multi-VM environments, and start coding, in minutes
  • Configure all the infrastructure you need – no IT hassles
  • Snapshot & share entire environments with others instantly

Development & Testing Teams

CloudShare TeamLabs includes the same benefits of ProPlus, with added features to enable provisioned team members to work on applications within the same controlled environment:

  • Manage multiple Snapshots with Blueprints and Breakout Project features
  • Avoid billing overages with the ability to set Environment Runtime Policies
  • Manage team projects with features to define tasks and assign users
  • Use with plugins for leading ALM tools (Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio)

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