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  • Get faster access to environments and machines
  • Integrate CloudShare into your processes
  • Automate the use of CloudShare
  • Align on-premise and Cloud

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CloudShare TeamLabs allows you to easily and seamlessly extend your development and QA labs to the Cloud, providing you with the labs you need, when you need with the click of a mouse. Now, you can easily deploy your products on your CloudShare environments automatically using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS is Microsoft’s ALM platform).

See a short video on how CloudShare TeamLabs + Microsoft Team Foundation Server enables developers to expand their testing capabilities, take control of infrastructure, and enjoy build processes they previously could not.

Faster Software Development Cycles with CloudShare TeamLabs and TFS

Download TFS Plug-in for CloudShare TeamLabs


CloudShare TeamLabs gives agile development and QA teams instant access to complete, multi-VM environments with unlimited access to the infrastructure resources needed. CloudShare TeamLabs for Dev and Test enables faster software development cycles.

With CloudShare Explorer for Visual Studio 2012, you can easily create and access your cloud-based labs. Allow developers to spend more time coding and less time thinking about the tools they use.

Access Your Lab Web Servers within Visual Studio

CloudShare SDK API and CLI API

An SDK for developing applications in C# to connect to the CloudShare service using the CloudShare REST API. The SDK interfaces to the CloudShare API and tries to present a useful API for developers.

Automate these activities:

  • Creating and Managing Environments and VMs
  • Taking Snapshots
  • Using CloudFolders