Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for Beginners: Generative AI for Customer Education

Hit the gas on your customer training with the power of GenAI under the hood! 🚗💨

Using the right GenAI tools in the right way can help you drive results in your customer education programs, speed up your program development processes, and deliver top-notch educational content.

Wondering how to get started with GenAI? 

No need to ask for directions; we’ve got your roadmap! Use this cheat sheet to discover the best GenAI tools for every stop on your customer education journey, and how to use them to fuel your customer education engine. 

Here’s a quick peek of what’s inside:

  • The best ways to use GenAI in customer training.
  • AI tools to take for a test drive.
  • How to prompt like a pro.
  • Some bonus prompts to try out. 🎁


And lots more…

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