How to Build and Deliver Your First VILT Course In Under 60 Minutes


Sharon Schnitman
Customer Success Manager


Lee Berkman
Virtual Labs Expert

Learn how to use CloudShare for training

If you’ve put your training courses on pause due to COVID-19, now’s the time to hit play. Virtual instructor-led training labs can free up budget previously reserved for travel, and still provide everything you know and love about face-to-face software training. Think hands-on, real-world experiences and immersive content, as well as increased flexibility, visibility and control.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by CloudShare. Your hosts, Lee Berkman, enterprise account executive at CloudShare, and Sharon Schnitman, success manager at CloudShare, will demonstrate how to build and deliver your first successful VILT class … in under 60 minutes flat.

You will learn how to:
  • Build scalable real-life environments in a few easy steps.
  • Create outstanding instructor-led and self-paced virtual training experiences.
  • Increase engagement and participation by leaps and bounds.

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"What’s amazing is seeing clients get more comfortable with the idea of a remote training environment. We used to go to bat with clients to say ‘we can’t do this remotely, we absolutely have to fly in.’ Now it’s been turned upside down. We’re telling clients ‘We absolutely can do this remotely and we’re watching them grow in confidence in the remote tools, and believe in us.”

Brenna Strickland,
Director of Global Training and Development