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As presales engineers and technical sales professionals, COVID-19 has made our jobs that much more difficult. It's hard enough to build and deliver fantastic demos in person; it's another ballgame when you need to do it remotely. And Zoom fatigue is quickly becoming a factor.

In order to help you get through managing your online sales engineering duties, we brought together the authors of "The Sales Engineer Manager's Handbook" - John Care and Chris Daly - who answered all your presales questions... LIVE!

This is no ordinary webinar. There are no pre-defined slides, and this isn't a lecture. John and Chris respond to as many questions related to their acclaimed books or whatever technical sales conundrums you are currently grappling with as they can.

Check out this fantastic 60-minute Q&A special and hear your questions answered by the experts!

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"CloudShare provides a large library of APIs which allow us to easily build an application called Demo Point, allowing the entire Check Point team to demo new solutions very close to their launch date. This facilitates much shorter time to market, which is an asset in today's cybersecurity ecosystem."

Jony Fischbein, CISO
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