Navigating Pains When Moving Your Training Solution to the Public Cloud


Kevin Streater
VP, ForgeRock University


Michal Frenkel
VP Product, CloudShare

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Learn about ForgeRock's move to Google Cloud and how CloudShare helped make the training transition easy

The need for hands-on training for complex software

With software becoming more complex, and the cloud(s) it is deployed on becoming more intricate, hands-on training labs are the most effective way to make sure your customers, partners, and employees know how to use it.

Challenges ForgeRock University faced moving to Google Cloud

Aside from moving to the cloud, which took time, moving training over was difficult. ForgeRock had to replicate the environments, enable scale, deal with on-prem and cloud infrastructure and deployments, ensure there were no unexpected charges, and make sure all course material was updated.

How CloudShare helped in ForgeRock’s training transition

CloudShare's Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS integration enabled ForgeRock University to run classes with multiple clouds and on-premise software run all within the same environment, with effective resource control and the ability to scale infinitely.

"A few years ago... there was no training because we didn't have the infrastructure available. We now have over 4,000 environments set up during the last year and over 21,000 hours of run time so the scale is unbelievable and we just see this growing"

Viggy Book, Director of Training,
Tufin Technologies