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The State of SaaS Virtual Training
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Did you know training leaders considered "customer experience" as their top tech spend in 2022 (34%), followed by AR/VR (24%) and analytics (22%)?

And that’s just one bit of what we discovered in this fascinating survey with 100 SaaS training leaders based in the US!

This report uncovers the biggest challenges, budget priorities, and trends behind 2022’s training plans, and how these resonate with 2021. 

Wondering what the benchmark is for student dropout or how other training leaders are managing to measure their impact in the organization?

Download the full report (and relax, we have a “key findings” section right at the top 😜) to learn all about:

Check Box_005What’s more popular: VILT or Self-Paced

Check Box_005
How many are using virtual labs in their programs

Check Box_005
The biggest challenges for training leaders

Check Box_005
How many are using an LMS

Check Box_005
What dropout rates look like in other training programs

And more!

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