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How to Build an Effective and Profitable Self-Paced Training Program

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Adithya Pai

Principal Solutions Architect

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Jeremy Davis

Head of Product Marketing


Continuous learning and development form the cornerstone of workplace fulfillment, professional growth, and sustained job satisfaction.

Watch this special webinar with Adithya Pai, a seasoned Principal Solutions Architect at Qlik, in which we deep-dived into the world of self-paced software training programs and unraveled the secrets to making them engaging, profitable, and significantly impactful.

In this webinar we discussed:

  • Key benefits of self-paced software training
  • Tools for creating impactful programs
  • Practical tips to confidently get started
  • Proven strategies for efficient and effective implementation
  • How CloudShare can help you achieve self-paced training success

Whether you’re a training manager, an e-learning professional, or just keen on mastering the art of building self-paced training programs, this webinar will equip you with the latest knowledge, best practices and strategies required.


Watch the webinar