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Students Are Bored Out Of Their Minds??

Check Out 4 Brilliantly Fresh Ways to Engage Learners in Virtual Training This Summer


Brenna Strickland

Director of Global Training & Development

Jeramy 001-1

Jeremy Davis

Head of Product Marketing at CloudShare


Let’s face it -

Software training isn’t exactly people’s idea of a fun activity, and summertime isn’t exactly the best time to sit tight and concentrate.

But you have a task and we are here to support it!

Watch our on demand webinar to find out how Aderant’s Director of Global Training & Development, Brenna Strickland, is getting students’ attention in virtual classes with CloudShare, and learn:

  • 4 tactics Aderant is using to keep students engaged during VILT this summer
  • How Aderant is using CloudShare’s Training platform for their courses
  • How to measure your virtual training performance

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