LIVE WEBINAR  |  March 29, 2023, 1:00 pm ET 

Measuring Success:

Create Effective Customer Education Across the Entire Lifecycle

Brian Childs image_002

Brian Childs

Founder & Owner 


Jeremy Davis

Head of Product Marketing


Today, customer education programs are centered across customer onboarding. But launching customer education programs across the entire lifecycle can also provide value to customers that positively impact your business KPIs.

Join CloudShare and Brian Childs, a 20-year training industry veteran and an expert in launching customer training programs, as we discuss:

  • Where customer training can be applied across the entire customer lifecycle

  • What is a “customer-centric” approach to learning, and how do you develop it?

  • What metrics (KPIs) you should track in order to measure success with training

  • Learn which business units benefit most from “customer-centric” training programs

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