How to Market Your Training Program Like a Pro!

Collaborate with the marketing team to build a Go-To-Market strategy for your training 📢

For software companies, training is all about ROI. Through training, you ensure that your customers can use your products on their own and without support. However, Customer Education professionals can't force people to attend, and there are tons of no-shows.

How can we communicate the value of training to our customers and get them in the classroom?

It's all about marketing and… working with the marketing team...

Watch the webinar

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Hosted by Annie Reiss, CloudShare's Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Derington, Director of Customer Education and Solution Architecture at ServiceRocket and Co-Host of CELab podcast, shares pro tips for Marketing and Training teams to go-to-market together to achieve killer outcomes for both your business and your customers.


Watch to learn how to:

  • Work well with your marketing team

  • Build an effective Go-to-Market plan

  • Align KPIs

  • Execute and report on the strategy