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The Engagement Spiral: Key Strategies for Keeping Trainees Engaged 

Tired of leading virtual training where keeping everyone engaged feels like an uphill battle?

Watch CloudShare’s community workshop with Jan Keck, an expert in training, facilitation, and experience design, and transform your training sessions into captivating experiences that generate real engagement during class! 


Jan Keck

Trainer | Facilitator | Experience Designer

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Keep Every Trainee Engaged

Do some of your students multitask while you’re trying to train them? Are many reluctant to speak up? Do you actually have the ability to read the room and respond accordingly?

There’s no doubt, disengagement is a pesky problem for those that lead customer and employee software training in virtual environments.

So, in an effort to help our customers overcome training challenges, we hosted an interactive online workshop for our user community featuring renowned engagement leader Jan Keck.

Watch our on-demand workshop to find out how Jan keck is getting students’ attention in virtual classes, and learn:

  • A step-by-step methodology to create a space where everyone speaks

  • Understand your virtual audience with reactions, chat, and tasks

  • Insights on making introverted individuals feel seen and valued 


So, what are you waiting for? Watch our workshop now!



Community Workshop with Jan Keck

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