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VILT in 2022: Learn How to Deliver a Virtual Classroom


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Jeremy Davis

Product Marketing Manager


Cloudshare webinar (2)

Yuval Arvatz

Senior Solutions Engineer


Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the move towards virtual training reached a new peak when 98% of software companies leveraged virtual instructor-led training (VILT) in 2020 compared to only 77% in 2017.

Virtual training is here to stay, but what does it look like in 2022?

Join CloudShare's live panel to discover:

  • How to deliver a live VILT class with next-gen collaboration tools
  • Why in-app video conferencing increases course completion rates
  • How to boost participation rates via advanced multi-instructor tools
  • The latest and greatest features introduced to VILT in the past year
  • How to build your 2022 customer training budget (get our tutorial for free)!

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